The 'Eleventh Hour' files: Simply the necessary! A collection of resources for students of IB Economics HL and SL

Hi! This effort aims at helping IB Economics HL and SL students with their preparation for exams (May, November and all) and school quizzes.

I am editing files that I hand out to my students that are bare-bones essentials for each IB Economics Higher and Standard Level topic. I call them the 'Eleventh Hour' files implying that they are perhaps best used as last minute revision files (right before midnight...).

I assume that you should first study your teacher's notes/ videos and any other textbook assigned. Of course, if in deep trouble, do not hesitate to rely on these files as they will save you time and they include all necessary points on each topic, albeit in a bullet form layout.

My OUP Economics Study Guide is considered by very many IB students and teachers around the world as very useful for understanding the material and for taking exams. It is concise, yet it includes sufficient detail to fulfill the demands (to earn a 7) of virtually any question on Paper 1 or on Paper 2. It also includes what is needed for HL Paper 3.You can find it IB HL and SL Economics Study Guide (Oxford University Press)

My OUP Skills and Practice volume can also help you and it is also considered by very many IB Econ teachers and students useful in truly understanding Economics Principles and honing skills, not just for P3, but for all papers. It includes very many theory questions with answers, as well as examples of P3 questions with answers and also unsolved P3 exercises for further practice. You can find it here: IB HL and SL Economics: Skills and Practice (Oxford University Press)

This Oxford University Press site contains the solutions to the Skills and Practice exercises: S&P solutions

I also maintain a blog where I post articles that are of potential interest to IB Economics students. This is it IB Economics (and, not only). These can help you with building up a set of examples for Paper 1 since without (preferably) real world examples to illustrate your points, one cannot reach top level marks given the new markschemes. These articles could also provide you with ideas to satisfy the Internal Assessment requirement of this course.

Here we go!

Simply Demand, Supply, Equilibrium

Simply Oligopoly v3:

Simply General P3 Tips:

Simply Demand and Supply P3 Tips:

Simply Indirect Taxes and Subsidies P3 Tips:

Simply Trade P3 Tips:

Simply the Aggregate Supply a la Monetarist School

Simply Gaps and Adjustments a la Monetarist School

Simply the Aggregate Supply a la Keynesian School

Simply Gaps and Adjustments a la Keynesian School

Simply The Circular Flow of Income

Simply Unemployment

Simply Inflation

Simply Fiscal Policy

Simply the Prisoner's Dilemma for an Oligopoly Paper 1 Essay

All Past SL Essay (P1) Questions split into Micro and Macro by Exam Period


All past HL Essay (P1) Questions split into Micro and Macro by Exam Period

Simply Price Floors

Simply Movements & Shifts of Demand